In the Laboratory for Spawn Production…

The spawn quality is very important for a good mushroom yield and quality. Spawn Production Training is a 3 day Program including  theory as well as hands on practical .

Session 1

  1. Introduction to Mushroom Industry
  2. Mushroom nutritional comparison
  3. Brief History
  4. Spawn Introduction
  5. Culture preparation
  6. Tissue Culture and preservation techniques.
  7. Media & Substrate preparation for inoculation of the desired culture/strain.
  8. Mother spawn and commercial spawn preparation.
  9. Incubation and storage techniques.
  10. Sterilization techniques
  11. Equipment and accessories

Session 2

  1. Hands on practical-
    • Media preparation,
    • Tissue Culture & Mycelium culture in Laminar Air Flow.

Session 3

  1. Hands on practical-
    • Inoculation ,
    • Sub-culturing,
    • Mother spawn and Commercial Spawn preparation

=> We also Provide Certificate…

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Note- We also provide consultation for  Spawn Laboratory setup  with instruments.